Christopher L. Largent
The Best Advice in History


Roman slave turned philosopher, Epictetus is one of the most famous and mysterious figures in the ancient world.  His talks were so powerful that merely the notes of one, the Enchiridion, became a bestseller for the next two thousand years.

Epictetus, however, has never spoken to us directly.  We have no surviving talks from the man himself.  Admirers, such as his student Arrian, took notes of his lectures, but the notes are all we have.  The Enchiridion translates into English as The Manual for Living, but how can we know what Epictetus truly meant when he urged people to live well?

In this revolutionary new text, Christopher Largent gives Epictetus a voice for the first time.  He uses extensive research to reconstruct Epictetus's most famous speech and share it with a new generation, eager to develop their own workable life-philosophy.