Christopher L. Largent


A young boy from Normandy survives an assassin's attack at the duke's castle in 1035 AD and grows up to become an ambassador for Duke William.  Along the way, he studies with a Norman herbalist, the last prophetess of the Odin-and-Thor religion in Iceland, and a Mi'kmaq wise man in Native America.

Though his identity remains a mystery, young Cuin is an effective emissary to Flanders, Denmark, Norway, and England.  While fleeing Northern Europe after a false accusation against him, he trains in the healing and spiritual traditions of the Norse, the Icelanders, and Native Americans.

Able to return home years later, Cuin eases potentially dangerous political relationships, but tensions rise between the new empire-seeking King of England and the Catholic Church.  Soon the Pope implements a plan that threatens the war between Normandy and England.  And everything culminates outside the harbor town of Hastings — where a great battle seems imminent.  But the young diplomat has skills that will alter that outcome.

And the reader learns that what we think we know about the Battle of Hastings — from the famous Bayeux Tapestry — is in fact an elegant cover-up of a fascinating hidden history.

"Christopher Largent brings the 11th Century to vivid life through wonderful characterization and intense research with plenty of subplots, some unexpected twists, a sprinkling of humor here and there, and rich scenes ... This is not a book to pass up! Highly recommended!"

—Historical Novel Review